Death to the Death Penalty


Amnesty International France in collaboration with advertising agency TBWA produced two short advertisements to coincide with Amnesty International’s Death Penalty Campaign and will be launched on the 4th October 2010.

The film was awarded a Bronze Lion at the Cannes International festival


  1. Make DP executions public and as horrific as possible and that may possibly deter criminals. Even if it didn't that doesn't matter. There are plenty of other good reasons for supporting this beautiful form of punishment.

  2. Oh,so if i'm a criminal,i have nothing to scare about,and i will go on with the crime because even if i get caugh,i wont be punish in a brutal way.The death penalty means to scare those who plan to do crime,think about it.Punishing those criminals doesn't make us look like them,because we won't do it if they don't let us do,and when they kill innocent people,we must punish them.Use your brain dude

  3. Maybe because people use the death penalty to get rid of murderous people, not innocent ones? Maybe because that people are tired of having to pay tax money to keep criminals alive while we deny a godo education to our next generation? Look I'm not asking for every murderer to be executed, I know most Amnesty International People like to think in absolutes, but at the end of the day, it is important to look at the bigger picture….

  4. I am going to address this comment on a couple levels. I understand that there is a common misconception that tax dollars pay to keep jailed individuals alive, while the truth of the matter is that it costs far more to process an individual's death sentence than to keep them alive. The financial arguement against the death penalty is not valid. Secondly, there have been many faulty death sentences, where innocent people are killed. That, in my mind, is the big picture.

  5. Government statistics show some of the highest crime and murder rates in the nation occur in states where the death penalty is still legal. Aka, the "deterrant" properties of the death penalty are not doing their job, and haven't for years. Read the statistics for yourself.

  6. Killing people as punishment for murder would only be hypocritical is one assumed that the value of all life is equal. I however believe that the life of an innocent civilian is worth far more than that of a murderer. When rehabilitation is not a possible I see no problem with removing people permanently from society so that they can cause no more suffering to others. Its got nothing to do with punishment or revenge as far as I'm concerned, its for the protection of others.

  7. الإعدام لعقوبة الإعدام. ما عادت هذي العقوبة الوحشيّة الظّالمة، أيّا تكن مبرّراتها الدّينيّة والاجتماعيّة، تليق بإنسان هذا العصر. لذا وجب التّصدّي لها بكلّ وسائل الضّغط السّلميّة.

  8. Compact, the 1800's brought very harsh penalties for even petty crime such as theft. People would be sentenced for life in prison for stealing an apple. This was done to deter crime. It actually had the opposite effect, and it had nothing to do with penalties. The rich were greedy, the poor were getting poorer. They had no other option but to steal their food. Let's learn from our history folks. Harsher penalties does NOTHING to deter crime.

  9. Wers, you're not killing a murderer. You're killing a human being. Don't split hairs to make yourself feel better about it. It's murder. Plain and simple. Don't complicate it.

  10. when a person takes away a person's rights ,they forfeit their own. SIMPLE Death penalty does not stop crime,but,At least we don't have to look after them at our expense.Research has shown that jail does not rehabilitate.Ball's in your court.

  11. words from the biggest mass murder in history..After the Illohim created the world etc Jaweh's only act has been mass murder.The ONLY problem with death penalty as i see it.Is that innocent people have been killed.Remove ALL doubt then i'm ok with it.

  12. "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind"
    -Muhatma Ghandi

    I don't think you would like the people in your life treating you with as much respect, as you treat others here.

  13. If dangerous people were executed then this would prevent lots of horrific crime. Thanks to Amnesty International we have given criminals all the rights under the sun and they roam our streets destroying and taking lives when executing would prevent this. THIS IS A LOAD OF RUBBISH! BRING CAPITAL PUNISHMENT BACK NOW!!!

  14. Afortunadamente la Pena de Muerte es una práctica que se extinguiendo, cada vez son menos los países que la practican lo que hace que nuestra sociedad sea más justa. Hoy Dia Contra la Pena de Muerte podemos decirle a países como EEUU,Gambia, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistán,Vietnam…que acaben con esta pena injusta, cruel e inhumana!!!!

  15. You are, of course, entitled to this opinion; lots of people favour the death penalty. But there is no credible evidence that having the death penalty on the statute books acts as a deterrent. Just one example – if deterrence worked, how could Texas, which executes a dozen inmates a year, have a higher murder rate than Colorado, which has executed one murderer in more than four decades? By all means support capital punishment, but don't pretend it's to prevent crimes – you just want retribution.

  16. Sarah Payne was killed by Roy Whiting and she was innocent. Not to mention George Johnson, Andrew Dawson who have reoffended to kill again. These are just a few examples, but there are many more innocent lives taken from our public because of crooks reoffending. Far more than wrongful execution. There are many more in government statistics.

  17. It's because the death penalty isn't enforced properly in America. Only a fraction of convicted of murderers are executed. As well as that they have no proper restriction on selling dangerous weapons. Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc have good enforcement and their crime rates are much lower. When enforced properly it is a deterrent. That's why it's not a deterrent in America. If someone killed a member of my family I'd want them dead so they'd never re-offend.

  18. If it was me I would fight to save my life and yes, precautions do need to be taken, but a stitch in time saves nine. Keeping dangerous criminals alive takes far more innocent lives from our public than from wrongful execution.

  19. It only becomes a cycle of hate when you think about it as one man killing another, rather than the state purposefully removing a dangerous criminal who cannot be rehabilitated from society. It is not murder when justice is being done.

  20. I entirely agree that the current implementation of the DP is flawed beyond a doubt, but that does not mean that we should abandon the institution rather than fixing the problems. The DP is a method of dealing with criminals who cannot be rehabilitated, whose crimes are so malicious or twisted that they can not function. We can either kill these people or spend money caring for them for life. I chose the DP, because that money could be spent on rehabilitation programs or crime prevention.

  21. Would you rather see child-rapists or mass murders rot in jail, taking money that could be spend on crime-prevention programs or rehabilitation. Economically, the death penalty makes sense. It is less murder and more applying justice the only way we know how, to the punish the people most guilty of cruelties. State-sanctioned killing is not murder as long as it is for the right cause.

  22. The death penalty is expense is unrelated to whether the act is justified or not. I think that it would be much easier to fix the court system that makes the death penalty prohibitively expensive than to abolish the death penalty, which has so far worked to remove the elements of society who cannot be rehabilitated.

  23. I believe that the use of the death penalty is to remove those elements of society whose crimes are so grave that they cannot be rehabilitated or made to do useful labour. As much as I would like to see the scum of the earth do back-breaking work as a repayment to society, that economic model did't work. It turns out that companies cannot compete with prison labour and unemployment spikes, causing more people to turn to crime. Good idea, but it was not sustainable.

  24. It makes us better than the criminal because our actions have been justified by good cause and through review. Our killing of prisoners is not because we want to or because we are angry with them. We kill using the death penalty because we feel that it would be best for the child-rapists or murderers in question to be removed from society as they are a negative influence on it. It short, we are justified in killing because it serves a purpose and benefits the greater good of humanity.

  25. I don't know why I can't comment back on your response khi590. But I agree that forced labour would be best. About sex crimes, it turns out that their is a cure. The Czech Republic has started practicing chemical castration on sex criminals, it reduces their hormone levels to near nil and has caused the recidivance rate to decline to 1% or 2%. So there is hope for that method as rehabilitation.

  26. It actually cost more to support the death penalty then to support alternative sentences. So in reality the death penalty actually does not make sense. Why waste millions when only a few criminals actually recieve it. Do your research people!

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