Justice for Khaled Said, End torture in Egypt


After protests in Cairo, Alexandria and London over the death of Khaled Mohammed Said, this webclip highlights the Police culture of torture and intimidation in Egypt.

Amnesty International urges the Egyptian authorities to immediately put in place measures to protect witnesses of the death of Khaled and suspend the officers believed to be responsible, pending a comprehensive investigation into their conduct.


  1. Good clip sad mr Mubarak can sit and stay untill ?Why we dont screa all out Mubarak GO AWAY.Its i think a big shame that this could happen in a country where Muabarak is leader from.
    Amnesty take that man to court and why dont You do that?

  2. Much respect to the people of Egypt and how they used this tragedy to bring power to their revolution…

    but with that being said, hot damn is Khaled's cousin Sondos gorgeous.

  3. The brainless ' of what people write ' bottom line it's about the video' and was done to Khaled ! Of what the Egyptian government 'tortured this young man to death ! Thank god that Dickator is gone know, there shit going on like this in Syria Al Assad is killing his own people's for what freedom ' shit I'm glad I live in USA where we always had our freedom ' that's GOD'S LAW ' middle east will always have these Dictator's that control and starve & kill there people and will never understand'

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