Shocking interview on detentions and torture in Iraq


Interview with Malcolm Smart, Programme Director of Asia-Pacific Region at Amnesty International on Democracy Now! broadcast on 20/09/2010.

The focus of the interview is on the thousands of Iraqi detainees at risk of torture after the US military handover to local forces, and in particular, the story of Rabiha Al Qassab’s husband and son who are currently detained in Iraq and being tortured by Iraqi forces.

For more information, please read the Amnesty International Report, New order, same abuses: Unlawful detentions and torture in Iraq here:


  1. The comment is the same
    B aware
    Now soldiers are being turned in to machines
    Look at the video info and search
    DARPA eyes mind-controlling helmets for soldiers.
    Humanity is being replaced by machines

  2. 1st off those people being held with out reason by people that are unkown of could be used for any thing, like she says they want 50 thousands dollars. If they will do this what else will they use them for? 2nd This is not a action from the US people but by the people controlling the US people, where is are say in these things, why are they making decisions for are country with out are permission or thought and we pay for the mistakes? 3rd ask your self have the kings taken the US after all!!!!

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