International Day of the Disappeared 2010


Purnimaya Lama’s husband, Arjun Lama, was taken by the Maoists on 19th April 2005. Witnesses say he was held for 2 months and killed. Despite Purnimaya’s campaign for justice, the police have failed to arrest anyone for Arjun’s killing.

During the 10 year war in Nepal over 1,300 people disappeared at the hands of the army, police and Maoists. Not one person has been prosecuted for the grave human rights abuses that took place between 1996 – 2006 in Nepal.

This film was made in Nepal to coincide with the International Day of the Disappeared 2010. The film features one woman’s story of her loved one who was kidnapped.

Video and Photography by NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati. Produced by Kari Collins.


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