We must not let Russia’s charm hide its atrocities


Sign our petition : http://www.amnesty.fr/russie In 2010, while the French government celebrates Russia across the country, the human rights question is kept silent. Censorship, racism, murders, forced disappearances… all still occur frequently in Russia.


  1. These are some serious allegations without substantial evidence. I think a proper advertisement would avoid using a national symbol of the Russian people and instead focus on actual documentation on when and where these crimes occurred. I'm by no means pro any government, but this appears like baseless propaganda.

  2. @1977de33HERBST2010 Listen carefully. I did not assert that these are completely false charges. I only demanded to see actual proof of such crimes. I am concerned that no government will take Amnesty International seriously after seeing emotion driven advertisements such as this one. But due to this ad, it makes any and all charges made against the Russian Federation to APPEAR baseless due to the fact that I have not seen any proper documentation.

  3. @1977de33HERBST2010 I see what you mean. But, I still feel somewhat disappointed to the fact that there is no actual report on their website as of yet on Russia. The things I read in American magazines such as National Geographic and Time only hint to some of the abuses inside Russia, so as of now I still have no true insight to the full nature of the crimes committed by the Russian government. Hopefully, they are working on an extensive report and will release it sometime soon.

  4. I was born in Russia. Russia is run by team of gangster who do not care for its people. In Moscow it is unbearable to be looking like Asian or African, they would just stare at you with anger.

  5. Because the West is determined to deconstruct every nation on Earth that hasn't fully entered the fold of degenerate finance-capitalism and cosmopolitan multi-culturalism.

    The French really have no room to talk when they let the brown animals riot and destroy their cities, culture, and peoples, not to mention falling in line with EU-American filth production. In my opinion, Russia is far better off and has a healthier society than the "humanitarian" hypocrites of the West.

  6. verbal abuse from local population. in moscow hotels, stores, restarants, the staff may be very racist. if you are lucky enough you will see local neo nazis, who may harm you physically.

  7. Will Russian men be more openly racist to non white women in Russia? What racist things will Russian men say to non white women, as opposed to the women? Neo nazis beat and rape non white women?

  8. Really? B/C someoen who went there said be careful as a non white woman, for the men can beat & rape you, neo nazi or not. If you're alone in McDonalds or in a cafe in Russia as a non white female, and a man approaches you at your table, is it best to leave?

  9. This is why I don't feel sory for whites when mugabe kick their rear ends. Whites are just insecure & inferior of their own race & color. Why else do they hbave to form such groups to feel pride? MOST of eastern europeans are this way cuzthey're unhappy with who they are. Why else are they the highest in percentage of sex tourism in asia, africa & the caribbean?

  10. Russian people are not racist. So opinion formed about the people. They say, "Russian pig", and did you know that up to 18.5-century Europe DID NOT washed, and only Russian tsars by example taught Europeans Gigen.
    And by the way, Russian until the 20th century did not drink AT ALL.
    In Russia, a very generous and kind people. You can go to neznakomou person to visit and he'll feed and water.

  11. Russian people to assist all countries. Note: Ukraine, Iran, China, and Japan, and many others. We supply gas and help the countries in the war. And, yes, the Russian love their country, but they are not racist. In our country, millions of blacks and Russian people are friends with each other, communicate.

  12. Russian people do not want to harm someone. There are many very good people. Most of them. And all sorts of idiots – spoil that reputation. But not for stupid people to judge the whole nation. Yes, the Russian know how to relax, but even when they "rest" they do not want to harm anyone. And by the way, at the expense of communism. Many Russian themselves against it. So visit this country stands.

  13. @anya bell you have no right to come across so disrespectfully. it is quite sad that you cannot speak out towards Putin's authoritarian regime. People in Russia have been abused and taken to labor camp-like prisons simply for speaking out. It is sad you do not realize this. I am russian as well.

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