Asylum-seekers are not criminals


The Greek authorities should immediately review their policy of locking up irregular migrants and asylum-seekers, including many unaccompanied children. Amnesty International’s new report;

Greece: Irregular migrants and asylum-seekers routinely detained in substandard conditions,

documents their treatment, many of whom are held in poor conditions in borderguard stations and immigration detention centres with no or limited access to legal, social and medical aid.

“Asylum-seekers and irregular migrants are not criminals. Yet, the Greek authorities treat them as such disregarding their rights under international law,” said Nicola Duckworth, Europe and Central Asia Programme Director for Amnesty International.


  1. @Dan17live: I beg to differ. As far as I know, the vast majority of "irregular migrants" to Greece, come from countries like Albania, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria and Iraq.

  2. Apart from the Albanian nationals, the rest, even if they have been "actively assaulted, brutalised and their families attacked – just because of their political or religious beliefs" [in their home countries] as you state, they have decided not only to flee their homes, but to travel across numerous other countries in order to reach Greece.

  3. Therefore, by the time they cross our borders (I am greek myself), they have distanced themselves from the imminent danger you describe, and have become "Economic migrants". Furthermore, since they illegally cross our borders, they become Illegal migrants and not just "irregular" as mentioned in the video.

  4. greek authorities just make apply the european lows, like it or not. Greece has 600.000 illegal immigrants , and europe noone (except malta cyprus and other european border nations) because of plan"Douvlin ii".The same happens in Malta . So if you care so much for immigrants they must say to europeans change the plan "Duvlin ii".and don't forget that greece is under under economic crisis

  5. @Dan17live Or they are the perfect "stock" for big money for trafficers! The Ultranationalists are just their political "repersentatives" -racism make traffikers' businesses a lot easier!!!

  6. @Dionasa I wish this happens lady! It is better for all of us (us and them)!We have the problems we have! They are between organised crime, police, and Golden Dawn! Imagine yourself in that position even as a greek woman!!!

  7. And just what should the Greeks do about them? Just let them in unwatched and unmonitored? These immigrants know exactly the problems they cause for the countries they enter, but nobody blames them for the social disaster they are creating. The Greeks can't manage…but yet we blame Greece.

  8. Sorry, Greece has an absolute right of its own to decide who may or may not come into Greece without being dictated Loony Rights activists like Amnesty.

  9. Another name for Asylum Seekers is COWARDLY FUCKS,that is because they hide in 1st world countries while us idiots then send our boys to die in their third world toilets. Send these cowards home to fight for their own freedoms, their culture, ethics and beliefs are on a different planet to ours and they will never intergrate into our way of life so send all the spineless gutless fuckers home.

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  11. Some ARE criminals, who are coming with the intention of committing crimes.
    The majority are parasites who come to sponge our benefits. Any who want to work are stealing your jobs and driving down wages.
    Just WHY should anyone actually want these people in their country?

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