Gambia Day of Action – Interview with Sarata Jabbi Dibba


The Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh has declared 22nd July 2010 ‘Freedom Day’. Amnesty International are using this day as a Global Day of Action to stop the rule of fear in the Gambia.

This webclip features an interview with Sarata Jabbi Dibba, a journalist who was spearated from her 6 month old son and imprisoned along with five other journalists for criticising President Jammeh.


  1. stupid jounilist. u need to go to school have the knowledge before u speaking out. its a shame for the gambians and gambia seeing such a monster calling herself a gambia journalist. listen to the vocabulary, stating a constition without a citation. thanks to the presidential pardon u got.

  2. the burka m niqab is way 2 much some kids have actualy been scared its ok to put on the hijab u still see herr face.the muslim men dont cover up like that and i had alot of them ask me to show my private parts these dirty men but their women have wear a burka something wrong here..i feel bad 4 some of these women..

  3. @nursegaby shut you dont know anything abt Islam or Muslims.People tell u to open up cos that is what you show them that u are a cheap harlot.This is not about Islam is abt a leader tutoring his own people you moron

  4. As long as The Gambian people continue to be lenient and fear with Yaya Jammeh,then he will continue to oppressed and kill us one after the other until we stand up against him. It is our responsibility to put a better future ahead for our future generation. A country without future will definitely reflect on our future generations because they will not be thought of any good thing that may benefit them tomorrow. It is time to stand up and save our future leaders.So sorry for Sarata Jabbi Dibba.

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