Housing rights of Roma in Rome


The short film looks at the Rome authorities controversial housing plan that has resulted in the forced eviction of hundreds of Roma and paves the way for thousands more over the coming months.

In a new briefing paper, The Wrong Answer – Italys Nomad Plan violates the housing rights of Roma in Rome, Amnesty International has warned that the plan, which began in July 2009, violates the human rights of thousands of Roma.

The measures envisage the destruction of over 100 Roma settlements across the capital and an estimated 6,000 Roma are to be resettled, without adequate consultation, into just 13 new or expanded camps on the outskirts of the city. The plan is likely to leave more than 1,000 Roma homeless.


  1. why does the church not help! they run the country , these people are catholic and have been indoctrinated  in the faith for thousands of years. old storey of use and discard same as in the war. the Vatican helped Nazi Germany to rid it of jews now they want to rid them selves of people who cannot give them money.  illuminati strikes again!!!!!!!

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