Elisa – Reproductive Rights for Filipino Women


Abortion is illegal in the Philippines, and Manila City sought to make the situation worse when former Mayor Jose Lito Atienza passed a blanket ban on contraception in 2000. This ban effectively prohibits Manila City women — especially poor women — from accessing all forms of modern contraceptives, condoms, and information necessary to protect their reproductive health. As a result, women are unable to prevent pregnancy, even when it would jeopardize their lives, health, or ability to feed their families.


  1. No church should have the right to take away any persons rights…….even God doesn't do that we have freedom of choice. I am glad I don't follow any man made religion. We get a lot of news about Womens rights being abused or non existent in some Muslim countries, people need to know that other countries and religions are just as bad. The Catholic church should hang it's head in shame. Films like this should be shown in every school. The only way to change our world is to educate our young.

  2. Why are there only four comments on such a horrible, very easily rectifiable (in reality) situation that has escalated to world headline level violence against innocent women in the way of warlords etc,? Drop condoms over the villages! Set up decent family planning health clinics ala the multiculturally-sensitive Norwegian protocol where simple hygiene, mobile nurses and midwives raise the self-esteem of poor women and children. It is hard to be clean when you do not have money for food. Educate

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