No Woman Should Die Giving Birth: Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone


This film illustrates the problem women face when giving birth in Sierra Leone. 1 in 8 women die giving birth in Sierra Leone as opposed to 1 in 4000 in developed countries. In a country where over 50% live on less then 1$ a day and a quarter live in extreme poverty, the poorer you are the more likely you are to die giving birth.


  1. they shld get free supplies of better modern technology sent to their country…or to any 3rd world countries!they may be poor,but they are humans as well..and they to need to start their generation tree!

  2. more people from privileged background should watch this video. young kids too so they know how lucky they are to be born in civilized nations. I am from Malaysia and when i saw this video i thank god that my country while not great could at least provide her citizen with basic health care.

  3. you know what? i'm medical student, studying general medicine.. all of medical student in my university during their internship, WE DOING NOT JUST SOME VOLUNTEER WORK….we are must do volunteer work in all division (about almost 2 years) ..

  4. My father is from Sierra Leone..his mother died shortly after he was born..this just hit me like a ton of bricks…I v e nvr bn to Sierra Leone..time to make the journey…proper health care is a human right ..God's peace and blessings to the Shyllon Family and everyone in Freetown.

  5. Actually, although FGM can lead to childbirth complications, uncircumcised women also have trouble giving birth. It has more to do with the shape of the pelvis. African women typically have a square, male shaped pelvis, and that reduces the opening. It's complicated.

  6. Instead of buying guns for war, we should spend money to help women in Sierra Leone. I was born c section in Zimbabwe and am healthy. Why cant other kids be born healthy, and other mothers give birth safely?

  7. This is so sad that so many women are dying giving birth and its shameful for people who can do sth but not doing in reality. god Bless them who to who cares about them and help them…May more help goes to them

  8. Why do they keep making the stupid choice of getting pregnant, if they are broke? ? Smdh
    And don't use we don't have condoms as an excuse because a man can pull out when he's coming!
    They need to stop letting these men get them pregnant .its more to life than laying on yo back all day for a man.

  9. Just don't have sex. that will fix so many of your problems. Relax, what I want to say is that these people should have safe sex and create a safe environment for everyone first in their community by creating new facilities and then reproduce. That will surely lower a lot of psychological and physiological pain these communities are going through. Also, let's stop treating these people like third world and start allowing them to make better decision for themselves. Give them the tools and let them learn what is good for them.

  10. im so SICK of these dumbass people in these dirt poor countries ,trying to get sympathy for their daily struggles and the problems they have ,yet these ignorant bafoons wont do shit to prevent this bullshit from happening in the first place!!! instead of keeping their legs closed and being responsible enough not to keep getting their dumbasses pregnant in the first place!! but since they wont help themselves they in turn whine and cry to doctors, to the film crews __ (((("aaawww poor me,I have no money but im pregnant YET AGAIN and my other 13 kids are at home sharing one bowl of rice, i need you to give me,meds,food,cloths,etc. even though you,dont know me and didnt knock me,up 15 times!!!!)) These people kmow what causes this , they know the risk of them dying. but they just have kids by the litters even though they cant feed the hut full,of kids they already have!!!! so we need to STOP BREEDING YOU SELFISH IDGETS!!!! MY husband and I have been married 26 years and,our,kids are our life and we wanted a 4tlh baby, but we knew we COULDNT AFFORD IT SO WE USE (B I R T H C O N T R O L) !!!!! SINCE THESE PEOPLE ARE TOO,IGNORANT TO GRASP THAT CONCEPT AND TO STOP SPITTING KIDS OUT LIKE A DAMN PEZ AND GOVERNMENT,(((,START PUTTING BIRTH CONTROL IN THEIR,WATER, PROBLEM SOLVED

  11. People are so ignorant…These women don't have rights in there country. These women are raped regularly and live in fear of there husbands.. I am sure if the could find birth control on the side of the road…they would take it… but they are scared to stand up for rights. They don't want to get beaten too death by men.

  12. Dumb people who bark: "They should use condom".. "shouldn't make babies"

    Women in those countries get raped daily. They can't stand up for their rights because of the fear of getting hit to almost death by their husbands. They can't stand up for their rights, in a country, where men don't give a crap about them and their rights. Where women's rights are not normal.

    I saw people like that. I saw the husbands, who fuck their wives every day until they get a son. Because for primitive animals like them, a male child is much more important.

    In so many third world countries, women don't have a choice about motherhood.

    I'm not saying anything about feminism. I'm also not a feminist, BECAUSE I HAVE MY RIGHTS LIKE EVERYONE AROUND ME, be it men or women. I don't have to stand up for the rights I already have (except the pay gap..). But I just want women AND men to stand up for those poor women. And I can't understand men who don't want to understand the situation those beauties were and are in; Supporting, trying to explain their situation to other men and women does not make you lesser of a man.

    Everyone of us comes from a woman. A woman gave life to every single one of us. So it's ironic, that in those countries men hit and rape women.

  13. ALOT OF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND…The wonen DON'T want to get pregnant but her husband DON'T wear a condom he DON'T care just wants to cum…Women are given small amounts of money to ebrn pay fir birth control n if husband knows money is going to birth control the eife can snd could or will be beat fir picking birth control….THINK ABOUT IT.

  14. I feel sorry for the women. The majority of men in 3rd world countries are disgusting. They rape women, and they do not use protection. Why make baby's until you have a son??? One or two kids will do it too. But healthcare is nowhere free, so poor or not poor, you have to pay for your services. Doctors have to make a living too. Don't breed what you can't feed. That simple!

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