The Women of Kibera


Life for women in Kenya can be hard.

For women living in one of the largest slums in the world, life can be devastating.

With remarkable access to the inner areas of the Kibera slum in Nairobi, this film introduces just a few of the thousands of women, whose daily lives are blighted by poverty and serious human rights violations.


  1. Hey it looks like Liberia…or is it South Africa? Oh wait this could be anywhere in Africa…Guess you gotta start somewhere though. I just know Kenya is a hell of a lot better off than a lot of places in Africa…

  2. Hunger is hunger; sufferation is sufferation. It's world wide & it's a damn shame. Each one help one so instead of debating on whose has it the worse, make a difference, even if it's a small one.

  3. This is the story of Women in Kibera, not Liberia, S. Africa, the US, Canada etc. It is not meant to make Kenya look bad. The Kenya Govt does not do much for Kibera residents, they rely on NGO's. A sure way of uplifting peoples lives would be to empower the Women. Train and finance them to start small businesses and they will do wonders. Education is the ticket out of Kibera. The problem is, there are 1 or 2 schools in Kibera! These are long term investments that would better a lot of lives.

  4. Nope, it's Kenya. The thing with Kenya is that politicians spend most of their time stealing government funds, investing in their businesses, and buying up Europe and the Americas instead of doing their jobs. In the last 5yrs alone, the amount money conspicuously stolen was more than enough to turn those slums into proper housing.

  5. the thing about places with a higher social class, it only means a greater economic divide. Kenya may be better off, but they also hold the largest slum in east africa.

    seeing it and having friends their myself, these videos honestly do not do it justice.

  6. as long as they keep voting for the same minister who does not keep his word kibera will remain the same.yet people want to vote him as president!if all those years he has been MP for Lang'ata and kibera is still the same can he really be president??seriously people should think twice before they vote

  7. @scrpdva I visited in 2009. Kenya in itself is a beautiful country. There are many organizations that you might be able to join and travel with. I do NOT recommend travelling alone. I have with friends in Western started chicken farms. My intention is through sponsors in the US/UK donate eggs to the needy. One cannot fully understand what the women/people in Kenya have to tolerate on a daily basis.
    Corruption is rampant. The people are wonderful.

  8. The women moved to Nairobi, Kenya TO improve their lives. But since they came from rural areas and are poor, they have to live in Kibera, a slum within the city. They are not lame, they are strong and admirable. I don't think that you have any right to criticize their ways of life because they are struggling to survive everyday. 🙂 Have a nice day.

  9. Oh God!! I think the population themselves could do something to clean the slums. It's much more a matter of culture. If you put some japanese people to live in that place, I am sure they would do something. God forgive me but I think these people are pretty lazy.

  10. tha biggest problem is that everybody waits for the government. the government doesn's give a shit about poverty. Open your eyes. Do something with your people. clean all this shit. I'm sure if you get together you can do it.

  11. You should Open your mind as much as you open your Big Mouth…
    The people are not Lazy you Idiot.. They have probably tried everything they can, And if you even know about Kenya… that place does not want you if you have No Education,, So even if you try to help yourself, you will always come against a wall.


  12. You are an ignorant jerk! These people are NOT lazy! They….. especially the women…. are doing the best they can given the situation. Unbelievable the ignorance and cold-heartedness of people. Kharma is a lovely lady. Just remember that.

  13. I would bet anything you are some southern red neck with a confederate flag, pork skins, a rusted out truck, shot gun, friend named bubba and hound dog. Robert E Lee is your hero and you are still pissed the south lost….. oh and WE are the ones that took the Africans from THEIR homeland and brought THEM here against THEIR WILL. But you still have the audacity to say a word I find more offensive than the F word, the S word. I am not violent, but would sock you if you were here.

  14. You are a racist, ignorant, bigot…. and you call me stupid? How can you judge someone by the color of their skin? Oh wait….. I am asking you a question that involves 5th grade level reading… never mind.

  15. Well………if we are talking truth, you are ignorant (look it up if you can read Webster Dictionary). Skin color is *nothing* more than God's 'sunscreen' and where a person's ancestors are from in relation to the equator….. the farther north, the fairer, the farther south, the darker. But hate filled people do not understand this…… they just hate. You are a troll with NO life. DO NOT BOTHER RESPONDING! I WILL NOT RESPOND BACK!

  16. This is so, so sad and if not for the grace of God this could have been my fate…Despite the negative comments about these people being lazy and super breeders, they are still HUMAN BEINGS!!! Let me pose this question, if they NEVER had any children or worked from sun up to sun down, IF THEY DO NOT HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE PRIVILEGED TO BETTER RESOURCES, BETTER GOVERNMENT, BETTER EDUCATION, BETTER HOUSING, BETTER HEALTH CARE…How in the Hell could they do better?

  17. They are good hearted people and therein lies their problem. They have become political pawns. I've lived with them for four years and that is how I know this.

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