Obama’s First 100 Days: We Don’t Expect the Impossible


We have a checklist for Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office. Visit www.obama100days.org and support the challenge for Obama.


  1. if he can fix george bush's problems in 8 years ill be happy… though a meteor defense system would be cool.maybe he can create a missile offense system so we can shoot meteors for fun. earth will be the new death star!

  2. I'm so glad that Obama signed the executive orders to close Guantanamo Bay, to force all U.S. personnel to conform to the US Field Army Manual (which bans torture), and to ban the secret holding of suspects by third parties. I'm actually proud to be an American again.

  3. Justice is not a military tribunal, but a fair trial. Closing Guantanamo should also involve bringing any suspects who have enough evidence for a proper trial to proper justice. Terror is a violation of human rights too y'know.


    1) Gave the American People A 3.5 TRILLION DOLLAR LOAN. Annual interest will be ~ $100 Billion
    2) Gave Palestine(hamas) $900 Million, while our Senior Citizens on Social Security eat cat food
    3) Nominated & Appointed; Liars, Tax Cheats, Socialists, Racists, Incompetitent, Unqualified People, & that's just in his cabinet
    4) Closing Gitmo, with no idea where he will put the prisoners
    5) Prostrating himself to a foreign king
    6) Promised no earmarks, except his 9,000

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