Obama’s First 100 Days: We Don’t Expect the Impossible


We have a checklist for Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office. Visit www.obama100days.org and support the challenge for Obama.



    I'm more worried about the GRADE that our children and grandchildren will give US in the near future for picking someone based purely on emotion and ***Razzel – Dazzel*** instead of Real Experience. For not taking our duty seriously as citizens of this country to make this country better for ourselves and our children. To believe the LIE that " My vote does'nt COUNT" And to have forgotten that this country is always only ONE GENERATION away from Anarchy.

  2. For people who think global warming might not be real: what harm would it do to have cleaner energy which comes from renewable sources, compared to dirty petroleum that we'll eventually run out of? Isn't it better to prepare just in case global warming IS real?

  3. Right like those big protest after Bush's election wins, and his identical approval rating as Obama.

    And your right, no one person can change anything within the first 100 days or short term, so he should shut-up with his promises that he wont be able to provide on!

  4. I don't either. Global warming is pretty much proven, but it's questionable to say that it's entirely man made. However, I think it makes wise economic sense to move towards green renewable fuel that we can make in our own country. If we help the environment as well, that's a great bonus.

  5. There is no such thing as global warming,it is gettig colder.The ice at both Poles is thicker than ever.Thae IPCC will have you believe figures that come from polar research stations that dont even exist.Ever heard of the middle age warming ?,it was alot warmer than today in the 15 Century.There is a book that you should read called "Scared to death" by Christopher Booker,explains alot.,

  6. Actually, it's been getting warmer on a global scale.

    Right now, the US is completely helpless to the oil industry. We can do very little about the skyrocketing costs of oil because that industry holds close to a monopoly on energy. B/c oil is not renewable, cost will only increase.

    A healthy economy has to break up monopolies and provide alternative ways to gain energy so that they are not subject to the whim of Oil Co's. Thus, green jobs SHOULD compete w/ other jobs in a healthy economy!

  7. I love it that white hate wingers only have a damn teleprompter joke on Barack when Bush even used one. This is hilarious. You guys must be desperate! Is that all you have? Seriously!

  8. But he is doing more than both Bush's did. I bet you rednecks hate America now that he is making it better. I swear if it included hating minorities you pale face bastards would be democrats when he is done fixing Bush's mess!

  9. quet, oblama has done more than Bush…
    Bush left off 1 Trillion Dollars in the Red.
    Oblama is starting us off with a 3.5 Trillion Dollar loan. Yep, you're right he has done more.
    Bush's mess? Remember, it was a good economy until the dumocrats took over congress,,,then it turned to shit.
    Oh goodie, goodie, another race card. Get over it,,, it hasn't worked for a long time.
    Oblama came into office with NO Experience and The Office of President of The United States isn't an OJT position.

  10. Dont feel sorry for me, please. Yes, I use the race card whenever i can. You see, its 1 little ass card, often used to make sure you see your inherently evil nature via the stacked deck you have been dealt. The fact that 1 card has that much of an effecyt on someone with stacked deck is very telling. Like the creasy wheel. Right now, you would think we were in hell. But Obama has already improved our image abroud. The rest of the world loves us again. We are not alone anymore

  11. Anbd Bush was president for 8 years and its expected for 1 man to fix the problems he caused in 100 days. You people are so typical!

  12. in reality the world sees us as a easy target. have you saw media out of europe they think hes a joke. to most of them hes a useful idoit. last night he said briton didnt use advance interrogation. ask the ira

  13. In reality I am looking at polls that say the opposite. C'mon dude, now you are lying. Look, 28% of America feel the way you do. basically old white conservatives that are still mad he won. Just rejoice in being a part of that 28%. Fortunately, over 61% are happy with him and thinks he is leading the country in the right direction. Its only been 100 days. Just whallow in your minority status and leave it alone, But for God's sake…dont start lying! I know that's what you people do best.

  14. the harm is doing what would cause panic and poverty to all but very few. how is it that most speakers of gw(which they changed to climate change they dont say gw anymore didnt you get the memo)use more energy than average people. oh theybuy carbon credits,from themslves

  15. read more than us meadia and bushs polls where about the same after 100 days and thhats without major soft coverage in media. quit useing race because it makes u look rascist

  16. The whole globe is still warming, however the affects of this differ from place to place. The general trend is of extremes: dry places will get drier, cold places will get colder, etc. So it's still global warming, but everyone isn't going to get warmer.

    Why do you think that green jobs will cause panic/ poverty? Give me one example where a green job destroys several other people's jobs.

    Currently, green jobs in sci/tech are blooming, adding to the job market. They aren't pushing anyone out.

  17. Coal has been going out of style since the 1800s. It's a particularly messy, wasteful fuel that has been outstripped by various other energy producers. Compared to other forms of energy, you get a lot less energy for the environmental mess.

    No matter how much you try to deny it, climate is changing and the gov't has to act. You might notice that scientists are trying to help coal production with clean coal technology, too. This way, both coal workers AND green scientists have jobs.

  18. Actually I have a lot more than that 1 little ass card that makes your face turn red. I have history and knowledge of what your kind is capable of. You are a hater..which is of the devil, your history speaks volumes!

  19. also the cap and trade scam will force massavie layoffs or jobs going to places that dont do this (china) because tthe govt.will tax themto poverty. and most of the bussiness that will profit are connected to the govt. and they do alot of this in europe and it still hasnt change that much.

  20. obama stuggles to put to words together without a teleprompter. and most of the words he reads are not his. not that all of bushs were but why change your mind on a subject 3 times in as many days like obama did

  21. quetou – It was under Bush's watch that we are in the financia mess we're in,,, Yes, it was. However, it was, and still is the dumocrat congress that caused a large part of this financial mess; Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Oil Price Increases(not allowing new drilling in Alaska, Offshore California) Refusing to build refineries to keep-up with demand, etc, etc, etc. And who was member of that overspending, do nothing group of congressmen/women? Why, it was none other that Mr Oblama, himself!

  22. When Palin becomes POTUS, CNN will give her RAVE reviews and everybody will unanimously grade her an A+! She will receive A+ average grades on CNN, MSNBC, and Facebook at her 100 day mark in 2013 4 years from now.

  23. I agree that systems like cap and trade would be detrimental to our economy, but that is not green tech. The goal of green science and technology is to come up with a way to produce cheap, reliable energy that is competitive with the market. Green tech doesn't expect people to hold back, but instead focuses on undercutting the competition with their technology.

    Don't demonize all green projects just because they're green: you'd be using a green fuel in a heartbeat if it was cheaper than gas!

  24. You must be one of those Obama fans that cried on election night… The only thing that gets a A+ here is you being a good little follower and believe everything he has told you! You say Obama has been true to his campaign promises??? Not sure if you checked but last time I looked we are still in Iraq for the time frame Bush was pushing for, he has added a unprecedented dept to this nation, he scared businesses and right after stocks tumbled to a all time low. God bless Obama? GOD HELP US!

  25. "That wasn't me," President B.O said on his 100th day, disclaiming responsibility for the huge budget deficit waiting for him on Day One. It actually was him — and the other Democrats controlling Congress the previous two years — who shaped a budget so out of balance.
    And as a presidential candidate and president-elect, he backed the twilight Bush-era stimulus plan that made the deficit deeper, all before he took over and promoted spending plans that have made it much deeper still.

  26. Actually I did not vote that election!

    I guess all you Obama Clones are programed to think if your against Obama you must be a Bush supporter, I was against many of his policies!

    HAHA u talk about corruption and abuse, right like the dems who did not want to look into Freddy Mac&Acorn voter fraud.

    And moron your stupid, stocks have been at all times low this week, After billions and billion of pumping fake paper money into the market unemployment is still shooting up!

    BAAAA goes the sheep!

  27. Amnesty international were is the balance. You show a black man with a white woman, you say nobody wants black women. You people are part of the problem cos you only see the world from your point of view, how do you think black women feel when they see this, how about some balance? For every black man with a white woman show a black woman with a white man. You moan about Barack but look at yourselves first. You people are the problem telling our men to run off and shit on our girls HYPOCRITES

  28. Oh right! Perhaps your one of those savvy investors who blamed the housing crisis on Bush! It had nothing to do with inflation and the natural cycle of the market. And then when Obama came to the scene you were the person on the video link right above!

    And no, the stocks have nothing to with Obama. And if they did go up to promote more dept and credit card spending and believe that's the solution, well sir you must be stripped from the rights to bare a credit card!!!!

  29. This obsession the right has with "submission" and "looking weak" is very disturbing to me. What is the source of all this insecurity? What is with this obsessive craving for macho posturing?
    What would they have preferred Obama do when he met Chavez? Karate-chopped him to the ground, stomped on his head, jammed a gloriously billowing American flag in Chavez's disbelieving eye socket, and grunted "AMERICA, BITCHES!!!!"

    What a stupid question. Of COURSE they would have preferred that…

  30. So Amnesty…what's your opinion on Obama now that 100 days have passed?

    The US now has troops in Pakistan, doubled the troops in Afghanistan and NOT withdrawn from Iraq. Obama refuses to bring justice to the Bush administration for their crimes against humanity and torture and Obama tripled the national dept.

    Some change huh?

    If you voted for Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich or Cynthia McKinney the war(s) would be over by now.

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