Economic, social and cultural rights for all


Support the Optional Protocol on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Billions of women, men and children face levels of deprivation that undermine the right to live with dignity.

Hunger, homelessness and preventable disease are not inevitable social problems or simply the result of natural disasters they are a human rights scandal.

Even in rich countries, there are people who do not have access to education, health care and housing. Governments often blame a lack of resources, but, in fact, many people face systematic discrimination, while those on the margins of society are often overlooked altogether.

The international community has stood by while individual governments have ignored the human rights of millions of people. International financial institutions have imposed conditions on countries that have led to reduced access to education and health care for people living in poverty.

Elsewhere, those large-scale development projects devoid of any regard for human rights have resulted in widespread homelessness. In many countries, governments do not regulate corporations to ensure that they meet their human rights responsibilities. They allow pollution of the environment and extreme exploitation to continue unchecked.

Violations of economic, social and cultural rights are not a matter of inadequate resources; they are a matter of justice. All human rights are inter-linked and the denial of one leads to denial of others where there is no freedom of expression, for example, there is no right to education.

People’s action around the world has lead to great gains in making economic, social and cultural rights a reality, but much more needs to be done so that everyone has the right to live in dignity.


  1. Any one in the UN will tell you that any justice has not been accomplished by VETO. I can't see how this scenario is true or when it has been accomplished… ever

  2. This is actually quite wrong. Humans do not have a right to a job or housing or food and water. Those are things people must earn. They do not just appear out of nowhere, they are not naturally possessed forever when you are born. They have COSTS. Each person must decide for themselves what kind of job, food and drink and water he wants and be willing to pay the price to get those things.

    Apparently Amnesty International doesn't know the basics about human rights.

  3. Without sharing the world's resources there will be no world justice. Without world justice there will be no world peace. Without world peace there will be no world. These 3 principles must be gained and maintained through effort and work.

  4. @upsidown13

    Because Amnesty International is a communist organization that is determined to end national sovereignty and replace it with international socialism.

  5. The only way to stop this is to stop the fuel needed to keep a system that will allways be CORRUPT going. This is the Symptom not the (Bad Guy). Fix the System end this… it just tacks you…

    Zeitgeist Movemment

    Zeitgeist Addendum

    (The Venus Project)

  6. @DoomHippie Recourse basted economy

    The only way to stop this is to stop the fuel needed to keep a system that will allways be CORRUPT going. This is the Symptom not the (Bad Guy). Fix the System end this… it just tacks you…

    Zeitgeist Movemment

    Zeitgeist Addendum

    (The Venus Project)

  7. @Ansob1

    Lol, do my homework ehh?

    Tell me. How does a human on a desert island receive his right to a job, house, and food? Human Rights are inherent until violated by other humans. Each man, even on a desert isle, has his life, liberty, freedom of speech, ect.

    The things YOU are talking about are ENTITLEMENTS. I know all about that "declaration" and it is simply wrong. If all 48 of those countries declared that 2+2=3 it wouldn't make it correct either.

  8. Furthermore, do you realize that by giving people entitlements to material goods you are robbing and enslaving others? Instead of having each person EARN what he or she wants in life you would rather we rob a person, at gun point if necessary, of the time and effort of their past labor, or by stealing from those who aren't even born yet by using deficit spending. You are VIOLATING their humans rights and then in an act of supreme hypocrisy you declare this violation a human right in itself!

  9. @Ansob1

    The point was that is someone is wrong about something, they don't become right when other people agree with them. How about this instead: Would those 48 countries be right if they declared Hitler to be worthy of sainthood?

    By YOUR definition it could be declared a human right that each person be given a slave for life as long as the UN said so.

    I'm talking about something that is right, regardless of consensus. You might want to do some "homework" on the philosophy of Rights.

  10. @Ansob1 Not at all. I'm sorry but the IBHR doesn't have a monopoly on determining what a human right is.

    It is impossible to have a right to a job. Rights are about things you can't do to a justly do to a person. For example you can't justly take a person' life, liberty, or property. What you are talking about are ENTITLEMENTS. People who support entitlements just want to piggyback on the respect true rights deserve.

    And just so you know, I AM poor by the standards of my country.

  11. Let me explain something to you. I did poorly in high school, mostly out of laziness. My parents had no money to help me with any further education. So, I went off and worked and saved money for 4 years. I then went back to school and worked part time for 2 years while earning my associates. I got a 4.0 and was accepted into a good school and I have saved up enough money to get my masters without needing any financial aid from my parents or the govt. I am poor, but I need no entitlements.

  12. @Ansob1 Lol, you mean it has a monopoly on it cuz it says it does. Nice. Well, I have a monopoly on it. I took it from them, and since I just said so it must mean something. At least, going by your standards.

    You've ignored that it is IMPOSSIBLE for many of those things to be rights because in order to fulfill them you have to oppress other people. Rights don't work like that. Rights are things people have INNATELY. You are born with life and liberty for example.

  13. No, that's a bit off. They don't have the right to a means of making enough to live, they have the right to freely work to survive. That does't mean they have the right to a particular MEANS of making a living. They just can't be prevented from pursuing some line of work unless it would use force or fraud against others. They don't have the right to force people to employ them, which is what a right to a job would mean.

  14. @evildude220 A prerequisite to economic, social and cultural harmony is through the Rights of: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. These Rights are part of the Laws of Nature and apply to all life and social systems throughout the world. Too often those in power are ignorant of, or ignore the forces of Nature resulting in misery. Education of these Rights is the proper course of action, starting with the proof outlined in: watch?v=tdNYVZQYJqI

  15. @DoomHippie I honestly don't think you know what you're talking about. Why are you receiving upvotes?
    FYI Libertarianism will give the "rich majority" more power than they already have.

  16. @DoomHippie The only thing you've accomplished in this paragraph is demonstrate your lack of knowledge of our current political system, and oversimplify the political environment. Nice try; see Lemon Socialism. All other leading industrialized countries condemn this practice. And the main reason why it's so successful is because of the intellectually anemic population of America, such as yourself.

  17. there r no human rights at all is only utopia,we know what is wrong and what is right, but we can't reach the point of reasoning, is no changing nothing is worst than before and see around,i don't see any change.there must be human values, the economical factor is number one, but is just thievery and ridiculous pomposity from the stock market, people is no united in reality, i see our selves every day on the streets.we r very ignorant and happy with our drugs,and life while we don't feel n flesh

  18. Petitioning the UN wont change anything. The UN is controlled by bank and corporate money. It has no concern for human freedom. They participate in theft, genocide, and plunder. Change must and will come from us not them.

  19. @ForAVoluntarySociety explain please, i honest haven't heard of the UN doing any of that. I'm open to some prospective and right now im sure how i feel about the UN.

  20. They make it seem like an easy thing to go before the United Nations with a complaint – and it's not. Go to the UNHC for Human Rights website and look for protocols you must follow to lodge a complaint. It clearly says that ONLY after you have exhausted the legal system of your own country are you allowed to bring your case to the UN. Most of us don't have the money or the time to wait for justice in our own countries.

  21. "There are NO Social, Economic and Cultural Rights; there is only the Right to Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and Property." This is an oxymoron.

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