The arrest of Pinochet – 10 years on


A compelling interview with brother and sister Jimmy and Myriam Bell, who were schoolchildren in Santiago during the 1973 coup. They discuss their experiences under the Pinochet regime. Having subsequently sought refuge in the UK they have spent the past 35 years fighting for justice.


  1. i don't know much about pinochet, but anyone who thinks that killing people is justified to retain power is acting immorally…ditto che guavara, even though he started out with good intentions. all power corrupts, so we must not be apathetic and let megalomaniacs take over….otherwise it will be too late and they will have built up too much force and arms, e.g the nazis…they started off as a really small party but grew and grew…we need to nip their power in the bud, as we are the voters!

  2. 4812139,
    No es necesario estar en un lugar para opinar de lo que ocurrió, sobre todo si vives las consecuencias de lo que ocurrió.
    Vivo en Alemania y me cuesta explicarles a mis amigos que en mi país quede gente como tú que cualquier opinión que critique a la Dictadura la tachan de (te cito) "la mierda que la UP pregonaba", que aún sigan justificando, minimizando, o bien, negando los crímenes del Régimen Militar.
    (Como dato, te recuerdo que aquí en A. se penaliza negar el Holocausto).

  3. Es obvio que les costaba tomar la decision de volver a Chile, es lo mismo en la mayoria de los exiliados. La vida en los paises que estan es lejos mejor economicamente que la que podrian tener en un pais Sudamericano, lo que les permite formar una familia tranquilamente y entregarle todo lo necesario. Me cuestiono realmente el amor que puedan tener por Chile.

  4. Pinochet was a fucking asshole, and I hope his soul (if he has one) will burn in hell for all eternity.
    This lowlife piece of shit was a fucking peasant, worthless piece of crap.

    The people who believe he was a hero should be thrown in jail, those people are brainwashed. My family suffered during the PinoSHIT regime.

  5. Former East German fuhrer ERIC HONECKER got asylum in Chile and died there. His widow and daughter still live there. I don't like Pinochet but Allende was no babe in the woods either. He was a Soviet Agent of Influence. Had he stayed in power what would be left of Chile today.

  6. I wish they did to the communists in my counry what the Rumanians did to Causcescu and his people. I wish sb like Pinochet showed the left that plague my country today where they really belong.

  7. This really isnt difficult. No political goal ever justifies the taking of a single human life, let alone the thousands butchered by this squalid murderer. Pinochet and the monsters of the Latin American Right came out of some dark nightmare that the world thought banished by the triumph over Nazism in 1945.

    We forgot. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. The flag of freedom and the sword of justice can prevail. But only if we keep ceaseless watch against the forces of evil.

  8. The people who put Pinochet into power were the two Satans, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Salvador Allende was the legally elected leader and the U.S. should have stayed out of it.

  9. Because of that mariconPinochet my parents were forced to leave there country there family there life in chile, me and siblings were denied the right to grow up in our own country and to never know our family or country. Pinochet may have denied me the right to grow up in my country of birth and its true i may not speak much spanish but he can never take away the chilean that is inside my veins my heart will always belong to chile and not the country i live in now

  10. i find it damn disturbing at some people here who claim to be chilean and support this hijo de puta pinochet… it seems that these people are uneducated ignorant idiots who don't even know their own history! as for the economy, what was it that Nixon said he wanted to do to the chilean economy that was actually going well in the beginning?? he said "i want to make them scream" and put so much pressure on the economy of chile he wanted it to fail….

  11. …the U.S. couldn't bare seeing a country that DEMOCRATICALLY elected their leader who happened to be from the communist party take over and actually doing a good job…. they didn't care who he was as a person and what allende did for the chilean people.. they just wanted to crush any type of communism that could actually succeed. bare in mind, to me communism is something that is never going to be possible to achieve and i am critical of any political party… anyway….

  12. pinochet had support from the U.S. for the coup and they are partly to blame for allowing a monster to take over chile and destroy it as he did. pinochet, AS A PERSON despite what political ideals he had, was a monster for killing, torturing, raping and disappearing all those people…. and anyone who praises what he did to those people IS A MONSTER TOO. have a fucking heart guys… in first place we are HUMAN, and race, gender, what political party we support shouldn't EVER matter and there is

  13. no excuse to kill anyone for those reasons…. i hope pinochet is rotting in hell right now for what he did… it's just upsetting how little justice these victims and their families got…. and to those ignorant people here, i hope you can live with yourself knowing you support a murderer, you are just lucky you & your family weren't victims of his brutality, things would look different if you were & somehow i'd give anything for u to experience what they did, so you finally see the truth.

  14. Only 1/3 of the country voted for Allende, kinda an insult to democracy, congress chose him, he was not from the communist party, he was a member of the socialist party. They were not doing a good job. There was intervention by the US to make Chle a less stable country, but let us no forget that the URSS and Cuba also had their hands on Chile.

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