Kibera: Michael’s story


Michael Nyangi lives in Kibera, a large slum in Nairobi, Kenya. He runs a microfinance organisation called Lomoro.
The video portrays the vicious cycle of poverty and abuse and the importance that people living in poverty put on being heard in their efforts to escape it.
On the 17th of October Michael will participate in a conference at the United Nations with World Bank, United Nations and leading Non Governmental Organisation’s representatives.
This is the story he will take there.


  1. Poverty is something that can be changed, he says. That's right but I think it's a hard way to solve that problem. I don't even know how. I wish I could help in a way.

  2. Often though throwing money at the problem even doesn't help. It is often more complex than that. Something like microfinancing perhaps is better…small loans that one has to pay off. But I would never just spend billions and give it away though as THAT can cause more problems in the long run than it helps and I think that is an important thing to keep in mind.

  3. yes, exaclty! i know just giveing them billions wont help much but spending it on such things as health & education facilities will benefit them more. I see that alot more productive than spending money to kill people, although we do need to defend your own countries i often think way to much money is going in to it. i also did some reading there about microfunancing and yes we need to do more things like that!

  4. It broke my heart when he said that people have to contemplate whether or not they should buy malarial drugs for Ksh20/$.25c or just stay @ home and hope not to die. The flip side of this is just a walking distance away in the suburbs, a 20yr old Kenyan kid is headed out to the club in daddy's Range Rover and will spend more money in a night than some of these guys will see in a year. Shame Kenya, Shame!

  5. This guy is very smart.. the kenyan government is very slow… girls and women being raped and nothing is being done? That not acceptable.. the government should wake up and hear its people crys..

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