Belarusian youth activist freed


The Belarusian youth activist, Zmitser Dashkevich, has been released early from Sklou prison in Belarus. Zmitser was the subject of a global Amnesty International action last year calling for his release.

In an interview shortly after his release, Zmitser said that he thought his early release was due to international pressure.


  1. I love the dumbfounded look on the ministerial assistant's face as the crane cruises into his office. Three cheers for the members of Vyasna, and Amnesty International itself! May all citizens be free to speak truth to their governments

  2. Hi Americans and Englands!

    Why you don't make you fucking campaign to release the people that have been unjustly imprisoned without a judgment and now suffer torture and bad treatments in Guantanamo ???

    Why you dont't delivery your fucking origami birds to Bush and Blair to realease these people???

    Can you explain me that??

  3. There's Nothing at all Liberal about Lukashenko's Belarus; nor Putin's Russia; they resemble more of a Fascist state; so there's no room for you. Talk the talk you talk here in USA and you go to Prison in Russia, and they find your bones, if you family is fortunate, 40 years from now, somewhere near Mogilyev, on the way to Orsha-
    And if you don't believe me, Go there and talk against Lukashenko as you are able to Talk against America while you live there, Moron.

  4. eulex10 — You are dumb ass … SEe what your imperialist friends are doing …
    780 prisoners on 100.000 people …
    YOUR and only — USA —- fascist scum
    LArgest prison population among all nations of this EARTH …
    and I say FUCK OFF ,, Leave Belorussia Alone …

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