Six years of illegal US detentions


On the sixth anniversary of the US detention centre at Guantánamo, thousands of Amnesty International members and supporters took action around the world calling on the US government to end illegal detentions at Guantánamo and elsewhere.


  1. Oh, you were there, huh? What, did you take the tour? These people were illegally detained, often innocent people captured by militias in exchange for a bounty and tortured (would you prefer the term coercive interrogation?) into saying whatever they thought their torturers wanted to hear.

  2. Not giving fair trials to these people would be un-American. The American people are behind you Amnesty International. Maybe not the government. But we the people… The true American power holders are!

  3. Offence wont get you anywere, how would you feel tortured, kept ina small cell shackled up, i bet you wouldnt like it , and for what NOTHING, and why are muslims filthy, just dont leave comment like this on an amnesty international page!!!!!!!!!!!!! END OF STORY

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