Human Rights Defenders – Latvia


Linda Freiman co-founded Mozaika, an organisation that has given a voice to many gays and lesbians in Latvia. This is the story about her work to help give a voice to many gays and lesbians in Latvia.


  1. respect – go, mozaika 🙂 stand up for justice & tolerance. what do u mean eugenic14 – straight ppl have a right to protest against gays, to promote hate & injustice?? gay families represent as much family values as every family & they are normal ppl like all the other in the world. straight ppl should be fighting for equal treatment, not opposing it.

  2. ja tu aizej uz kaadu restoraanu piem. vakarinjaas un tur 2 geji miicaas ko tu teiksi ja tavs siikais paprasiiis kapeec 2 chalji kopaa miicaas??? tas ir pretiigi un taadus ar suudainu mietu atskaldiit

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