Tuesday, November 8, 2022

عروج مجدد جنبش دانشجوئی، پرتوان و پر خروش در سراسر ایران در گفتگو با کاوه عباسیان

 The resurgence of the student movement, powerful and raging all over Iran

The murder of Gina Mahsa  Amini by the Islamic government, created a storm that swept across this Islamized land and swept away the ashes and revealed the fire. After this fateful storm, the fire hidden under the ashes came out of the universities, cities, towns, and streets and squares and ignited the Islamic slavery system. Overnight, the chains of weakness and fear were torn from the hands and feet of female and male students, and the taste of freedom  from the shackles of the rotten Islamic system was tasted. And the promise of what awaits us in our tomorrows was visible in the faces.

From its birth, the Islamic fascist regime tried to subjugate students intellectually and garrison the academic environment by purifying universities and injecting quotas from the Islamic institutions of ignorance and demagoguery, and forming the student militia. But the student movement, openly and secretly, has always been in conflict with the medieval values ​​of the system and has challenged it and has also paid a heavy price. In these four decades, the student movement has gone through many ups and downs. In tonight's program, I have a dear guest who was in the heart of Iran's student movement and emerged from the trend called freedom-loving and equality-seeking students, and is now a professor of film and media at Kent University in England, Kaveh Abbasian, still has a deep connection with the revolutionary movement on the axis of women, life, freedom and equality. In tonight's program, we will discuss the features of the student movement at the forefront of the current revolutionary movement.

From bloody streets of Iran to streets of Brussels, with one voice we call for downfall of the Islamic Regime of Iran. A report by Amir Hussein Barikro.

#MahsAmini    #stopexecutionsiniran    


Protests in front of the Hamburg Blue Mosque to demand Toomaj Salehi's release, and release of all detainees. A report by Soraya Khezri

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