Saturday, October 1, 2022

For Women, Life, Freedom! برای زن، زندگی، آزادی، برای آزادی شروین و تمامی اسرا




For Women, Life, Freedom! demanding the immediate release of all detainees, including Shervin. for Afghan Women برای زنان افغانی #MahsaAmini Greetings to freedom-loving and egalitarian men and women! The murder of Mehsa Amini is the last nail on the coffin of the stinking and misogynistic Islamic system What a higher consolation than this, that the echo of the cry "We are all Mahsa" from the sad and angry throats of the people of a country is resonating in the world. By abducting and killing Mahsa, the dark minded batsmen of the Islamic system set fire to the people's forty-odd years of anger. The flames of anger against the people and especially the women all over Iran have surrounded the stinking Islamic system and its few mercenaries. The encroachment of the Islamic regime on the rights of women, children, pensioners, teachers, workers and other disadvantaged sections of the society has led to breaking the walls of the people's patience and tolerance. This time, the united protests of the people and women in advance are of a different type. The joining of the student movement to this raging flood has added to its momentum, the labor movements and intellectuals are also on the way to join their writing partners. Historians may write that Mehsa's hair wrapped around the neck of the misogynistic system and dismantled the criminality of the Islamic reactionary government. For years, the slogan "Women's emancipation is the measure of society's emancipation" promises that day in our hands. How beautiful it will be when the world knows that the criminal and misogynist Islamic regime will be buried by the power of women and men who want freedom and equality. Our fight continues unitedly!

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