Thursday, February 26, 2015

گفتگوی مینو همتی با سحر صامت ژورنالیست و فعال رهائی زن در بازداشتگاه اداره مهاجرت سوئد Sahar Samet in Swedish Detention

  گفتگوی مینو همتی با سحر صامت ژورنالیست و فعال رهائی زن 
در بازداشتگاه اداره مهاجرت سوئد
Mino Hemati interviewed Sahar Samet , journalist and women's rights advocate in Swedish Immigration Detention Center to be deported to Afghanistan, A country dangerous for journalist and women's rights activists.
This program was broadcast towards Iran, Middle East, Europe 

and North America via Channel One Farsi TV station

English transcript of the interview

In recent times, criminals have continued their inhuman manner and news will be unknown without promising journalists. Whenever, a worker buried under collapsed in the mines and a woman is brutally murdered in the football stadium. Journalists broadcast voices and videos that stimulates the reaction of millions people around the world.
But when a journalist was persecuted or detained, his/her voice does not get a good echo. This time, Sahar Samet, a women rights activist and journalist, was arrested along with his father by Swedish government that expected to be deported to Afghanistan, the country well-known for its women rights violations led by Islamic extremist groups.

We have managed an interview with Sahar Samet from inside Swedish Immigration Court detention.

-Hi Dear Sahar, could you please explain how, why you were arrested and by whom?
Hi dear Mino, we have been arrested and taken to temporary detention by four Swedish armed officials at our house about 18:30 PM on 24 Feb 2015. We applied for asylum to Swedish Immigration office about four years ago, but they have turned a blind eye on all the evident documents which proves  that our life would be at great risk. We have faced problem due to “Incorrect Translation by their translators”, “Swedish Immigration Office Ignorance” and “Unawareness of Socio-Eco-Political condition in Afghanistan by Public Lawyer of Swedish Immigration Office”…
As you said, I have had various activity, and I was the voice of people. But they have told us that we decided the decision since 2012, and you have to leave Sweden.
Before that, I had met with Swedish police. I did submitted to them all of my “Justified Documents” to reassess and review my case. I had an appointment with Swedish Immigration officials, Wednesday in last week. Despite of those meeting, Swedish police called and asked me to go to the police station along with my father. They want us to present ourselves on weekly basis as a criminal. While  I am living legally in this country. And I have legal permission to live in the country till the Immigration Court decision to be met. But, they have had an inhuman attitude, and we were persecuted. They had transferred us to solitary confinement for a night and our personal belongings as cell phone were seized. They had imprisoned us in the confinement which were cold, though, we had no food about 17-18 hours. We had to ask for permission to go to the toilet or to drink some water. 
After a while, they had transferred us to “Kållered” detention in Gothenburg city. We are kept here for the verdict, and we will be deport both of us to Afghanistan without any reason as they have told us.

We have had trouble with one of the political parties in Afghanistan. It has been linked to my father activities that had forced us to leave our country. Then, I have started my open and public activities since two years ago. As a result, I am more famous at this time, and we were threatened through “Black Messages” that you will die if you come back to Afghanistan. We are at serious risk, and our life is in Swedish government hands. My father, Assadollah Samet, also have had fundamental criticism against extremist groups that have committed crime in the name of religion and culture.

I have written in several weblogs. Especially, our life also is at serious risk of all support and protection by Human Rights activists and organizations through the petitions, reports, news are done. The enemies know where we are right now and they can easily schedule to kill us.

- In the end, what is your message for international authorities, Human and Women Rights activists?
Thank you so much dear Mino. I impotently demand all Human Rights activists and organizations to support us to stay here.
I draw your attention to the recent events in Afghanistan as rape and violations against women. A girl was kidnaped and raped by the passengers of a government car from the university, after a while, she was forced to refuse the event through a vocal message by Medias.

-I have to inform you that extensive support has begun in the social networks to protect you and your father. We also follow your critical condition.

I would like to take up this opportunity to thank you and all people who follow Human Rights issues in the world. I and my father again thank you and those people who are in our side.

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