Sunday, November 24, 2013

میزگرد بررسی قانون ازدواج با فرزند خوانده،

میزگرد بررسی قانون ازدواج با فرزند خوانده، با شرکت شراره رضائی فعال حقوق زنان و کودکان، شادیار عمرانی فعال سیاسی و روزنامه نگار و مینو همتی برنامه ساز رهائی زن از کانال یک تلویزیون ماهواره.

A round Table by Mino Hemati Rahaizan TV program producer / host and Sharareh Rezai and Shadyar Omrani Guests of the program. Subject of discussion the passing of Islamic law:
Islamic regime's parliament in Iran recently passed a law authorizing foster fathers to legally marry their foster daughters.
With passing of this "law", humanity is faced by another challenge to protect children, especially girls from sexual abuse and horrifying life experience.
This law allows ill intentioned foster fathers to groom their foster daughters as their future sex slaves. By introducing this law to a society that Sharia law of the land has deprived women from basic human rights, turned them into subservient of their male relatives, we are facing another disaster for the most vulnerable female children. It is unimaginable, what the female foster child would go through to call a man father, while knowing this man could under the protection of the law, turn her into his sex slave when the time comes.

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