Wednesday, May 12, 2010

گفتگوي مينو همتي با شيرين کمانگر خواهر زنده ياد فرزاد کمانگر، در رابطه با اعدام نابهنگام اين معلم مبارز و انسان Mino Hemati interviews Shirin Kamangar

Rahai Zan TV producer, Mino Hemati interviews Shirin Kamangar, late Farzad's sister, the teacher activist executed by Islamic regime of Iran.
گفتگوي مينو همتي با شيرين کمانگر خواهر زنده ياد فرزاد کمانگر، در رابطه با اعدام نابهنگام اين معلم مبارز و انساندوست
English transcript of this interview was contributed by Said Mohammadi, which we are grateful for his cooperation with us.

I have Miss. Shirin Kamangar on air, late Farzad kamangar's sister, the activist teacher
let me express my greetings and condolences to you and dear mother  Mrs. Saltaneh Rezaee,
your relatives and acquaintances
I should acknowledge that since I interviewed directly with mother
and due to my conversations with Farzad Kamangar's lawyer, Mr. khalil Bahramanian
which was published through this program all over the world
and I also read Farzad's beautiful writings from this program
it is truly difficult for me to believe this
that how the Islamic Regime, shows his hatred towards brave, fighting,
freedom and equality seeker people, by brutally murdering captive fighters like Farzad Kamangar
and his 4 dear companions
   Shirin Kamangar please tell us if you and your family, your mother or brother, were already  aware 
of the time and place of Farzad's execution?
did they let your mother to bid farewell?
unfortunately not! one year ago our mother had a 5 minute meeting with him
we haven't vand we haven't seen him for one year
the execution has been so unexpected and sudden
neither his lawyer nor the family were not informed  and he himself
was not informed even one day before the execution
because the day before at 4 p.m he called home and asked for some books to be sent to him
he didn't guess any danger and they didn't tell himself neither
it seems after his last contact with home all the telephones in Evin were cut off
and he didn't have any contact with the world
and his execution was performed in the early morning of the same night
after Evin telephones were disconnection
Miss Shirin Kamangar please tell us exactly when, where and at what time was Farzad Kamangar executed?
the time and place is not truly clear for us, we just know it has been in Evin
the day before (the execution)  he called us from Evin
and they say he was executed in Evin
and unfortunately we don't  know its exact time
at first we didn't want to accept the news at all until 10 o'clock in the morning
when it was declared
we considered it as a rumor, but unfortunately this rumor gradually became truth
I did want to have a conversation with your mother Mrs. Rezaee
but I know she is severely ill. tell us a little about her
my mother has heart disease and also has blood pressure and unfortunately
she has really lost her balance in these two days
I know that many parties and organizations  have called for a public strike for the people of Kurdistan
on 23rd of Ordibehesht. did your family and acquaintances call for commemoration?
did you receive Farzad's body?
unfortunately not! we as the family put all our strength and considered it as a priority to get the body
sometimes his mother became suspicious in the whole issue that maybe he has not been executed
and even if it's just for our own relief the least thing we can do is to put all our energy to get the body back
and now we are waiting for the answer
also today we went to many places
we're waiting for some organizations that they might cooperate and arrange a way for us to get the body tomorrow
Miss. Shirin Kamangar will you transfer Farzad's body from Tehran to Kamyaran?
we will definitely take it to Kurdistan but it's not clear where exactly
the priority is our mother to see the body, relief herself, then she will decide to take him to his birthplace
dear Shirin, this is a very difficult situation, do you have a message for all those who are listening to you all over the world?
we just appreciate the sympathy of all those friends who stayed with us in these moments
thank you very much
deliver my special greetings to Mrs. Saltaneh Rezaee
we really will not forget her consistent fighting
many times when I called her and she was on the way between Kamyaran and Tehran to see Farzad
I say special hello and accept our sympathy in these harsh days
thank you very much good luck

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