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مادر آقاي منصور اسانلو در گفتگوئي با مينو همتي در برنامه رهائي زن از کانال يک ماهواره از وضعيت Osanloo Mother Demands Support for political prisoners

خانم فاطمه اسانلو مادر آقاي منصور اسانلو در گفتگوئي با مينو همتي در برنامه رهائي زن از کانال يک ماهواره از وضعيت نامساعد اين فعال سنديکائي در زندان رژيم اسلامي سخن ميگويد
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Minoo Hemati interviews Mansour Osanloo’s mother

(This is the English transcript of the interview , Mino Hemati Producer/ Anchor of RahaiZan TV program - Emancipation of Woman a weekly TV program broadcasting to Americas, Europe and the Middle East via Channel One satellite TV in Farsi covering women rights, children rights and human rights issues)
1. Mino Hemati: Could you please give us the latest news about your son’s condition Mr. Mansour Osanloo, please indicate how long has he been in prison, and when was the last time that you met him?
Mrs. Osanloo: The last time that I met him was 20 days before the New Year (Norooz) and I do not know how come they finally allowed me to visit him. I and his wife can visit him once a week but this time they only allowed me to go there. His emotional condition is good but physically he is not well. He has been in Gohardasht or Rajaee Shahr Prison for more than 1.5 year. Whenever they change his cell, they do not inform me or his wife. Right now he is in section number 5. And the capacity of these cells is two people. They did not allow me to visit him since 20 days before the New Year. I do not know if they allowed the families of other prisoners to visit them but we have not got a chance to do so. They keep changing his cell and putting him under pressure when he asks for something that he needs. He has got heart, lung, and back problem and the doctors have confirmed that he cannot tolerate this situation anymore and they insisted that he has to be released for remedy. Before the New Year, we rented a place in North of Iran for him because we thought it would be good for his heart and lung to cure. His internal condition is totally crucial. Yesterday, when I went with my other son to visit him, they told us that we should wait until 11 A.M but we (mother, brother, and his children) were not able to visit him. So we waited until 6 in the afternoon and he finally made a brief call to us from the prison and told us that today they are moving him outside the prison with handcuff and shackles in order to check up his heart, lung, and eye condition. I spoke to one of the soldiers in the prison and I begged him to allow my son to talk to me. When he called me, his voice sounded miserable.
2. Mino Hemati: How long has been in prison since the last time that he was arrested?
Mrs. Osanloo: He has been imprisoned for 3 years. When we took him for eye remedy, he had to be under medical attention for 8 months and 2 months before recovery, they transferred him from Evin Prison to Gohardasht Karaj Prison. And for 1.5 year, they have not been giving him any free time out of the prison. When it was his son’s engagement, they did not even allow him to come for an hour and his judge, Mr. Haddad said “I will not allow him to go even if the entire world put pressure on me and if I do, he has to come with handoff and shackles.” This statement of the judge made me very upset.
3. Mino Hemati: Could you please indicate that in which prison and cell Mr. Osanloo is right now?
Mrs. Osanloo: The cell for drug addict prisoners and he keeps asking why are you keep moving me from one cell to another. Also the authorities of the prison force him not to speak. We made a lot of efforts for his release and wrote many letters and the authorities did not respond us under any circumstances. As a mother, I really wanted my son to be with me for the New Year and his medical treatment get done outside the prison.
4. Mino Hemati: What are your request form international organizations, workers organizations, and who ever is hearing your voice throughout the world as a mother who is worried for his son?
Mrs. Osanloo: I keep asking for help from the authorities in Iran but nobody helped me. But my request from international organizations and international workers organization is that please make an effort for his release because his physical condition is very crucial and he is not able to survive in this condition anymore. After the doctors in prison checked his health condition, he called me from the prison and I asked him what did the doctors say and he said “they did not tell me anything but the judges know about the results and they have not said anything either.” This is the fourth time that prison doctors have said that he has to be treated by medical facilities outside the prison. My request from all the international organizations is that please make efforts for his release through letter writing. My son has to be released and I do not want to ask Amnesty International for any help because my son has not done anything wrong to ask for amnesty.
5. Mino Hemati: Mrs. Osanloo, I just wanted to emphasize that efforts are being made and we keep pressuring. I would like to know about his wife’s condition because I know that she is under economic pressures and also she is worried about her husband’s health.
Mrs. Osanloo: I am very proud of my daughter in law because she has been suffering for almost 5 years. She is working 2 shifts per day in order to raise her children and provide an opportunity for her children to study. But there are many difficulties for them and they suffer a lot. She also has to pay her oldest son’s rent who is unemployed and his youngest son’s university tuition. But she still tolerates all these difficulties. She is very proud of her husband because he is innocent and he only wants workers’ rights and he has not done anything that violates the international laws. When we send him money he cannot even go and buy something for himself. We are really worried about him and I keep thinking about him and I cannot get him out my mind. My only request is to allow him get medical help outside the prison. I ask all the human rights organizations to make more efforts for my son’s release and I really appreciate the efforts that they have done so far.

(English transcript by Sara Akrami)

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