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گفتگوي مينوهمتي با مادر فرزادکمانگر (خانم سلطنه رضائي) و همچنين آقاي خليل بهراميان وکيل مدافعMino Hemati interviews MS Rezai, Farzad Kamangar's Mother

RahiZan.TV Mino Hemati interviews MS Rezai, Farzad Kamangar's Mother about her son's execution order by the Islamic Regime. Also Interview with Mr. Bahramian Farzad's defence attorney.
گفتگوي مينوهمتي با مادر فرزادکمانگر (خانم سلطنه رضائي) و همچنين آقاي خليل بهراميان وکيل مدافع فرزاد کمانگر

English transcript of this interview was contributed by Said Mohammadi, which we are grateful for his cooperation with us.

it has been more than 4 years that the honorable and conscious teacher Farzad Kamangar is still imprisoned
by the Islamic regime under difficult conditions, and the risk of execution,
 even though it has been proven that the accusations against him are baseless and false
I have a conversation with Farzad Kamangar's mother Mrs. Saltaneh Rezaee
thank you very much
yes, as you said Farzad Kamangar has been teaching in Kamyaran and the villages
Farzad is a respected member of the family, has a mother of 70 years ,
has supported many orphans
now it has been 4 years that he is under this verdict
I firstly ask the mothers to attempt hand in hand to bring our children back to ourselves,
then my government, my president and my leader, if he claims to be an Islamic leader,
 a leader is a person who doesn't lose his people (their support)
shouldn't oppress his nation, a president should take care of his people
not to betray them, not to execute the youth
I ask them and all those who hear my voice, give our children back to us
don't torture us anymore
I also ask all the media to hear my voice, to fight for these youth
execution is enough, no to execution
Mrs. Rezaee, international attempts to prevent execution  verdicts, specially Farzad Kamangar's  verdict is underway
you know that many other honorable and freedom seeker people particularly Habibollah Lotfi
are under execution danger
what is your call up message, as a pursuing mother, in defending unconditional freedom of your child
and other captives, to the prisoners' families, and all freedom seeker people who are against execution?
in these difficult days, what is your expectation from all the people against the execution of Farzad, Habibollah Lotfi and other dear prisoners?
I expect them to give these children back to us. to set them free. all human rights activists,
campaigns, all those who hear my voice, all those who are in the way of Islam and humanity
and are talking about us and defending us, I ask all of them and the media to react in support of these prisoners
not just Farzad, there thousand other Farzads. many like Farzad are under execution verdict
many like him are under execution. I ask the international society to bring us back our children
safe and sound
Mrs. Rezaee, do you have a call up in the coming days for those who hear you
to come together, hand in hand, and support all dear prisoners and ask for their freedom?
well, I ask all of them to hear my voice on this phone and in the media
like you who have called and are fighting for these prisoners, I expect my nation, if they are human
and care about humanity should rise up and react in support of these prisoners
I am a 70 year old mother and I can do nothing
they don't answer me. ok, let the nation support me and back me up hand in hand
and take action for these prisoners
how long is this government going to put these verdicts on the youth?
why is this leader doing this to us?
if this leader is human and considers himself a Muslim, he must stop execution
and give our children back to us. I cannot speak anymore
we have heard that you have called up for a gathering on Sunday 11th of Bahman, and you've asked
everyone to take part, as a protest for the freedom of all these dear prisoners
we are all listening. you can declare it yourself that there is a gathering on this day
yes, on Sunday I want to gather in a place, along with other mothers whose children are under execution danger
and mothers who are waiting for their children, and ask the Islamic Republic, our government,
our president, our leader to set our children free and abolish execution
there must not be any other executions
if he considers himself a leader he should stop execution and killing the youth
let me tell him, if he prays to God, why is he executing  people's children? doesn't he have a son?
wont his son get stuck in a situation like this? let all the people hear me, let them ( authorities) hear me as well
I have raised this son with difficulty and I had great wishes for him
he tried and labored in dust (in classroom) for 14 years for the children of this nation
shouldn't this nation remember what he did for them?
 and shouldn't they fight for these prisoners' freedom?
can they forget their labor and service for 14 years for their (people's) children?
why shouldn't they (people) cry and shout for the rights of these prisoners?
why they shouldn't  go to the president and tell him not to be cruel to his people and care for them?
thank you very much Mrs. Rezaee everybody hears your voice and we hope many people can come and unite with you for unconditional freedom of these dear prisoners
thank you very much
much obliged

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