Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mino Hemati is demanding Najibeh Sobhani's immidiate release of this and all women's rights activists

Rahai Zan TV: Mino Hemati reports on the plight of the Najibeh Sobhani a women's Rights activist in Marivan Iran, who was arrested while preparing for March 8 the celebration of International Women's Day. Her only crime was to defend women's Rights under the Islamic Law, in Iran. We are asking all human rights organizations to Demand her immediate release from detention.
نجيبه صبحاني بجرم تدارک مراسم ٨ مارس در شهر مريوان توسط عوامل رژيم اسلامي دستگير شد، دوستان وي بهمراه کليه مردم آزاديخواه برابري طلب خواهان آزادي فوري او هستند، تنها جرم وي دفاع از حقوق زنان تحت حاکميت اسلامي بوده است-

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