Sunday, January 27, 2008

Amnesty International London office Nasrin Parvaz

مصاحبه مينو همتي با سازماندگان کمپين رهائي دانشجويان از زنپانهاي رژيم اسلامي نسرين پرواز و ديبا عليخاني در مقابل دفتر عقوبين الملل لندن و حمايت مردم و از جمله پال مک کارتني از دانشجويان دربند رژيم اسلامي Campaign to free all detained student activists in Iran. In a week long petition stand in front of Amnesty International London office, Nasrin Parvaz (former tortured prisoner, and human rights activist) and Diba Ali Khani; women rights activist; asked people and organizations to sign the petition to force Islamic regime to stop torturing the detained students and release them immediately. Paul McCartney was among them. Mino Hemati broadcast this clip via satellite in her weekly TV program Rahai Zan from Farsi Channel One. Please sign the online petition at Visit

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