Monday, July 2, 2007

Save Delara Darabi Mino Hemati interviews Christofer Pachenski

Save Delara Darabi; RahaiZan.TV, Mino Hemati interviews Christofer Pachenski

Save Delara Darabi; RahaiZan.TV, Mino Hemati Save Delara Darabi; RahaiZan.TV, Mino Hemati Rahai-Zan.TV: Hello, welcome to Rahai Zan TV show. Krzysztof Pacynski: Thank you. Rahai-Zan.TV: How did you find out about Delara Darabi's case, and why did you find interest in following such a human rights issue? Krzysztof Pacynski: I learned about Delara’s case accidentally, I was surfing the Internet and found information about her on wikipedia. I learned also that no polish site no polish media ever mentioned this case and very soon founded a website in polish to provide information about the case and how can people help. This started independently from the save Delara campaign but now we are affiliated with save dalara. This is a pretty strong campaign in Poland because we received formal endorsement from such kind a of groups like left wing groups or catholic groups its good proof that this is nonpartisan non political issue human rights Rahai-Zan.TV: You played a very important role in getting Dalara Darabi's case to amnesty international in Poland. Can you explain to our viewers how exactly you were involved in bringing this awareness to her case? Krzysztof Pacynski: As I said my involvement in Delaras case started accidentally and independently from any other organization including amnesty international in Poland. Unfortunately Amnesty international in Poland get involvement in Delara case later than I started this campaign in Poland but now we are in daily contact I give them information and we work together like in the rally on 20th of may this year. This was a part of human rights bus the subject are few countries who are known for human rights violation like peoples republic of china, Syria, Belarus, even us and Iran. In case of Delara was top focus behind Iranian embassy. …..

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