Tuesday, November 22, 2022

کادر درمان، قهرمانان مبارزه با کرونا، مورد هجوم دستگاه سرکوب حکومت اسلامی


The medical staff, the heroes of the fight against Corona, attacked by the repression apparatus of the Islamic regime

People will never forget the dedication of the medical staff in the fight against Corona in an anti-scientific government system under the Islamic dictatorship in Iran. In recent weeks, the medical staff are under the most severe anti-human pressure. The Islamic regime has targeted the medical staff's conscience, and by bayonet force, they kidnap the wounded patients from hospitals and clinics, despite the opposition of the treating doctors, and transfer them to the dungeons of the Islamic regime. They manipulate forensic medical records with government orders and steal the bodies of the dead so that their survivors are denied the ceremony. Ambulances are used to transport repressive forces and detainees. They barricade pharmacies and control the distribution of medicines for the wounded. In a word, the Islamic regime violated all international standards with its fascist instructions and actions and even attacked the protest gathering of the medical staff with tear gas and clubs.

In tonight's program, I have a dear guest who is a defender of women's rights and a medical staff living in Dallas, Texas.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

عروج مجدد جنبش دانشجوئی، پرتوان و پر خروش در سراسر ایران در گفتگو با کاوه عباسیان

 The resurgence of the student movement, powerful and raging all over Iran

The murder of Gina Mahsa  Amini by the Islamic government, created a storm that swept across this Islamized land and swept away the ashes and revealed the fire. After this fateful storm, the fire hidden under the ashes came out of the universities, cities, towns, and streets and squares and ignited the Islamic slavery system. Overnight, the chains of weakness and fear were torn from the hands and feet of female and male students, and the taste of freedom  from the shackles of the rotten Islamic system was tasted. And the promise of what awaits us in our tomorrows was visible in the faces.

From its birth, the Islamic fascist regime tried to subjugate students intellectually and garrison the academic environment by purifying universities and injecting quotas from the Islamic institutions of ignorance and demagoguery, and forming the student militia. But the student movement, openly and secretly, has always been in conflict with the medieval values ​​of the system and has challenged it and has also paid a heavy price. In these four decades, the student movement has gone through many ups and downs. In tonight's program, I have a dear guest who was in the heart of Iran's student movement and emerged from the trend called freedom-loving and equality-seeking students, and is now a professor of film and media at Kent University in England, Kaveh Abbasian, still has a deep connection with the revolutionary movement on the axis of women, life, freedom and equality. In tonight's program, we will discuss the features of the student movement at the forefront of the current revolutionary movement.

From bloody streets of Iran to streets of Brussels, with one voice we call for downfall of the Islamic Regime of Iran. A report by Amir Hussein Barikro.

#MahsAmini    #stopexecutionsiniran    


Protests in front of the Hamburg Blue Mosque to demand Toomaj Salehi's release, and release of all detainees. A report by Soraya Khezri

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

از دادخواهی پرواز اکراین تا زنجیره انسانی برلین، رژیم فاشیستی اسلامی در محاصره مردم

 From the Ukraine flight lawsuit to the Berlin human chain, the Islamic fascist regime is surrounded by the people

حمایت از دادخواهی بازماندگان فاجعه پرواز 752 اوکراین به همراه فیلم مستند شکسته در باد اثر یوسف اکرمی Broken by the Wind In Memory of Flight 752

A film by: Joseph Akrami On January eighth 2020, flight PS752 from Tehran to Kiev was intentionally shot down by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Everyone on board was killed. Among the passengers were fifty-five Canadian citizens and thirty permanent residents who were returning to Canada from Iran. Broken by the Wind is an intimate portrait of how this ruthless act of terror has impacted the life of one loving husband and father.

زنجیره انسانی برلین

A large crowd of  Iranian gathered,  linked arms in Berlin to support revolutionary uprising in Iran.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

جنبش رهائی زن با صدای بلند فریاد میزند این آخرین پیام است، هدف کل نظام است


The Emancipation of  Women movement shouts loudly that this is the last waring, We are targeting the Islamic regime in its entirety.

Suddenly, like a 10 Richter earthquake, the pillars of the Islamic Regime shook. The call for justice for Mahsa Amini's  murder in morality police custody, like a spark on a powder keg, ignited people's anger against the rotten and stinking Islamic system all over Iran and spread in more than two hundred cities around the world.

The struggle that freedom-loving and egalitarian men and women started on March 8, 1957 against the compulsory hijab, and continued openly and secretly for several decades, is now the echo of  Emancipation of women, which is the measure of emancipation of society from the clutches of an aggressor regime. is wrapped around the globe.

The reactionary and hateful Islamic regime has been systematically violating the rights of women, students, educators, workers and other oppressed sections of society for forty-three years. This melancholic regime is in conflict with the principle of life. The people, especially the young generation, have no way to achieve a normal life in the dignity of a human being today, except to pass over the corpse of the Islamic regime, to abolish all anti-woman and anti-human laws.

It is possible to build a free and equal society when not a single brick of this medieval system is left. The generation that is ready to fight in the streets and schools and challenges  this fascist regime,  and is no longer willing to continue the vegetative life under the rule of Islam law, shouts "woman, life, freedom" and this slogan shakes the bodies of rotten misogynists Islamic rulers.

The Islamic fascist regime opened fire on the protesters and from Tehran to the cities of Kurdistan and Baluchistan and Isfahan, northern cities, Tabriz and Ardabil, Ahvaz, Shiraz, and Qom and Mashhad and dozens of big and small cities, it has killed people, especially the youth. And at the same time, he has bent his back against the firm will of the 80s generation and many of the forces are no longer willing to participate in suppressing the people.

The nationwide solidarity of the people inside Iran has led to the support of Iranians residing in foreign countries and the participation and companionship of free men and women from other countries as well.

In tonight's program, we will talk with the activists of the emancipation of women movement from England, Norway and Sweden to examine the dimensions of this global solidarity with the people's struggle for rights, especially the libertarian and egalitarian men and women of Iran.

ناگهان همچون یک زلزله ده ریشتری ستونهای ساختار نظام اسلامی بلرزه درآمد.  دادخواهی قتل حکومتی مهسا امینی همچون جرقه ای بر انبار باروت خشم مردم از نظام گندیده و متعفن اسلامی در سراسر ایران شعله ور شد و در بیش از دویست شهر جهان زبانه کشید.

مبارزه ای که زنان و مردان آزادیخواه و برابری طلب در اولین هشت مارس سال 57 در مخالفت با حجاب اجباری آغاز کردند و طی چند دهه بطور آشکار و پنهان تداوم پیدا کرد هم اکنون پژواک رهائی زن که همانا معیار رهائی جامعه از چنگال یک رژیم متجاوز است را در سراسر کره زمین پیچیده است.

رژیم مرتجع و منفور اسلامی چهل و سه سال مشغول تجاوز سیستماتیک به حقوق زنان، دانشجویان، فرهنگیان، کارگران و دیگر اقشار تحت ستم جامعه است. این رژیم مالیخولیائی با اصل زندگی در تضاد است. مردم و بخصوص نسل جوان برای دستیابی به یک زندگی عادی در شان انسان امروز هیچ راهی بجز عبور از روی نعش رژیم اسلامی، لغو کلیه ای قوانین زن ستیز و ضد بشری ندارد.

ساختن یک جامعه آزاد و برابر وقتی میسر است که حتی یک خشت از این نظام قرون وسطائی باقی نمانده باشد. نسلی که در خیابان و مدرسه به میدان آماده و این رژیم تابه دندان مسلح را به مبارزه میطلبد دیگر حاضر نیست به حیات نباتی تحت حاکمیت اسلام ادامه دهد، فریاد میزند "زن، زندگی، آزادی" و نهیب این شعار لرزه بر اندام زن ستیزان پوسیده مغز انداخته است.

رژیم فاشیست اسلامی بسوی معترضین آتش میگشاید و از تهران تا شهرهای کردستان و بلوچستان و اصفهان، شهرهای شمالی، تبریز و اردبیل، اهواز ، شیراز، و قم و مشهد و دها شهر بزرگ و کوچک مردم و بخصوص جوانان را به خاک و خون کشیده است و در عین حال دربرابر اراده راسخ نسل دهه هشتادی کمرش خم شده و بسیاری از نیروهایش دیگر حاضر نیستند در سرکوب مردم شرکت کنند.

همبستگی سراسری مردم در داخل ایران باعث همگامی حمایت ایرانیان مقیم کشورهای خارج شده و شرکت و همراهی مردان و زنان آزاده کشورهای دیگر را نیز بهمراه داشته است.

در برنامه امشب با فعالین جنبش رهائی زن از انگلیس، نروژ و سوئد بگفتگو مینشینیم تا ابعاد این همبستگی جهانی با مبارزه حق طلبانه مردم و بخصوص زنان و مردان آزادیخواه و برابری طلب ایران، را مورد بررسی قرار دهیم.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

گزارش سحر صامت از تظاهرات علیه نسل کشی هزاره در شهر گوتنبورگ

گزارش سحر صامت از تظاهرات علیه نسل کشی هزاره در شهر گوتنبورگ

مدارک و شواهد نشان میده که در طول تمام این سالها هزاره ها مورد هدف گروه های تروریستی قرار گرفته اند. گروه های تروریستی به مدارس، مراکز آموزشی، بیمارستان ها و مساجد را مورد هدف قرار می دهند. من میدانم چرا. برای اینکه طالبان می خواهند مانع پیشرفت ما شوند. برای اینکه طالبان آینده روشن افغانستان در دست دختران است. آنها میدانند که آینده افغانستان در دست نسل جوان است. در حال حاضر افغانستان اولین کشوری است که به صورت سیستماتیک مانع تحصیل دختران می شوند و همچنان حقوق ابتدایی انسانی زنان نقض می شود. و میخواهم بگویم که اگر اکنون ما دست به دست هم ندهیم به این معناست که ما به قاتلین اجازه می دهیم تا به کشتار دسته جمعی ادامه دهند. تا چه وقت مادران کودکان قربانی خود را دفن کنند؟ به ما اجازه بدهید تا فریاد بزنیم، نسل کشی هزاره ها را متوقف کنید. تا کی مردم از ترس کشته شدم دست به مهاجرت بزنند؟
حالا مه طالبان به قدرت رسیده اند، دیگر به چه بهانه ایی به حملات خود ادامه می دهند؟
طالبان از بقای نسل مردم هزاره هراس دارند. زیرا میدانند که مردم هزاره از طریق علم و دانش رشد می کنند.
هر بار من یک خواهر و یا یک مادر را از دست دادم و هر روز به صورت سیستماتیک یکی پس از دیگری را از دست دادم. اگر تو امروز با ما همصدا نشوی، فردا نوبت تو می‌رسد. پس بیا و در کنار من، دوستت و همکلاسیت برای اتحاد بایست. اگر تو هزاره ایی، تازگی و یا پشتونی و اگر تو به حقوق بشر اعتقاد داری بیا و با من همراه شو تا به کشتار دسته جمعی خاتمه دهیم. فردا نه بلکه همین حالا با در کنارم بایست. 

Sahar Samet's report of the demonstration against the Hazara Genocide in the city of Gothenburg Evidence shows that during all these years millennials have been targeted by terrorist groups. Terrorist groups target schools, educational centers, hospitals and mosques. i know why Because the Taliban want to prevent our progress. Because the Taliban, the bright future of Afghanistan is in the hands of girls. They know that the future of Afghanistan is in the hands of the young generation. Currently, Afghanistan is the first country that systematically prevents girls' education and continues to violate women's basic human rights. And I want to say that if we do not join hands now, it means that we will allow the murderers to continue mass killing. How long do the mothers of their children bury their victims? Allow us to scream, stop the genocide of millennials. How long will people start migrating out of fear of being killed? Now that the Taliban have come to power, what excuse do they have to continue their attacks? The Taliban are afraid of the survival of the Hazara generation. Because they know that millennial people grow through science and knowledge. Each time I lost a sister or a mother and every day I systematically lost one after another. If you don't agree with us today, it will be your turn tomorrow. So come and stand with me, your friend and your classmate for unity. If you are a millennial, Tazgi or Pashtun, and if you believe in human rights, come and join me to end the mass killing. Not tomorrow, but right now, stand by my side. Rahai Zan TV (Emancipation of Women TV, a weekly TV program broadcasting via satellite since October 2004 from Los Angeles, Channel One TV (in Farsi) to viewers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Far East. The program Centers on women's rights issues, in defense of defenseless victims of Islamic penal law, women condemned to stoning or other cruel punishment. Producer / Anchor: Mino Hemati